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Radiation | Unsafe at Any Dose

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Radiation, also commonly referred to as electromagnetic radiation (EMR), electromagnetic chaos (EMC), and electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), is not a simple topic to discuss. Every day, people are subject to some degree of radiation exposure, whether it be from natural sources such as radon, or from unnatural, man-made sources such as medical tests, body scanners, cell phones, and many more technologies. There has been much debate over just how harmful radiation is, but one thing has been made clear through hundreds of studies and years of research – no amount of radiation is, can, or should be deemed “safe”.

What is radiation and where does it come from?

Radiation is made up of invisible energy waves resulting from unstable atoms becoming stable and can be both naturally occurring as well as unnaturally occurring. The naturally occurring radiation humans are exposed to every day primarily stems from:
•Radon gases coming from the decay of radium in the earth (55%)
•Thorium & potassium found in the earth’s crust (8%)
•Sun, space (this is known as Cosmic Radiation) (8%)

The remaining radiation exposure, which is unnatural or man-made radiation, comes from:
•X-ray of any kind
•Microwave ovens
•Various medical tests such as mammograms or chemotherapy
•Body scanner’s found in airports
•Nuclear plants
•Many more technologies

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), approximately 80% of the radiation humans are exposed to is naturally occurring, while the remaining 20% branches from man-made radiation.

How is radiation measured?

Radiation is measured in units called “rem” unless when referring to the metric system, in which case it would be referred to as “sieverts”. Here are two different charts pulled from WINA,, Reuters, and Harvard Medical School...

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