Friday, May 31, 2013

Nice guy...

'I don't feel sorry for them': Bush risks wrath of injured veterans saying he has no sympathy because they volunteered their service

The president was speaking during a 100K bike ride with some amputated and injured veterans
Said he doesn't 'feel sorry for them, because they don't feel sorry for themselves'
Bush also said 'power can be corrosive if you've had it for too long'

By Daniel Bates

George W Bush has risked a backlash from veterans by claiming that he does not feel sorry for soldiers who were injured after he sent them into battle.

The former President said that that 'to a certain extent you can’t help it' when men got hurt on the battlefield.

He claimed that because soldiers are volunteers it absolved him from blame to a degree - and claimed that none of them were angry about their injuries.

Mr Bush said: 'You know, I don't feel sorry for them, because they don't feel sorry for themselves'.

His comments are likely to be seen by Democrats as another attempt to whitewash his legacy as one of the least popular presidents in history.

But they risk angering veterans' groups who have long backed him as a former Commander in Chief.

During his presidency Mr Bush embarked on two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan resulting in a total of 6,471 American troops being killed so far...

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