Monday, March 25, 2013

"A bubble is invisible when you’re inside the bubble."

Financial Strategist: “They Don’t Realize That They’re In a Bubble Yet… Until It Pops”

Mac Slavo

By all accounts, the mainstream media and corporate leaders would have us believe that the world is in a new bull market. They’ll point us to the stock market as evidence of their claims that the economy is growing and life for the average citizen is returning to normal. Few will discuss the fundamental issues facing financial markets, the least of which is continued unemployment and less consumer spending. Even fewer are willing to, or even capable of, explaining the monetary machinations that have pumped up stock markets and left trillion dollar deficits in their wake.

There are, however, analysts like Doug Casey and Marin Katusa of Casey Researchwho understand what’s really going on behind the scenes, where it will eventually lead, and how to thrive in a world of uncertainty where the only things of value when the illusion is exposed for what it really is, are hard assets.

Marin Katusa outlines some key strategies to consider for diversifying yourself ahead of another massive financial meltdown.

From the main markets, because we are in a currency crisis, the major markets… look at Apple, look at Samsung, look at Amazon… they are in a raging bull market. The major media, the big funds, the pension funds… they’re focusing on the bull market that they are in.

A bubble is invisible when you’re inside the bubble.

They don’t realize that they’re in a bubble yet… until it pops.

…I don’t think this is a negative for gold at all. Gold’s held quite well during all of this. People have shied away from the resource sector. There have been nationalizations of resources globally.

And yet, gold is still holding because there is a true value to gold. It is the true currency globally.

And its time will come.


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