Thursday, October 25, 2012


The Federal Reserve Bank is NOT actually a lending operation. IT IS A FIAT PRINTING PRESS. It is an illegal monopoly on the power to counterfeit fiat paper, as U.S. “dollars”. That’s right, I said COUNTERFEIT. It is an unconstitutional, and therefore illegal, monopoly on the power to counterfeit “money” into existence, in its own hands of course. A power that has of course, been unconstitutionally granted to the bank’s owners by the morons (and traitors) in Congress. The reason why this is all true is because the bank DOES NOT POSSESS THE MONEY THAT IT LENDS, BUT SIMPLY COUNTERFEITS IT OUT OF THIN AIR. Tell me, how do you lend to others, that which you do not actually possess yourself to lend? Can you lend money that you do not possess to someone who asks for a loan, or for help? HOW DOES THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK DO IT? (By illegal monopoly?) You don’t really think they actually have ten trillion dollars to lend to the U.S. government, do you? So how is it possible? ONLY BY FRAUD AND THEFT...

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