Friday, February 6, 2015


“When I held my own gun for the first time in my life in this country,…I felt free”
Becky Akers

Powerful testimony from a Chinese immigrant to Colorado’s legislature as it considers a bill “to roll back the over-the-top gun control bills that East Coast Democrats imposed on Colorado in 2013, including the Magban, which limited the legal capacity of a magazine to 15 rounds.” This brave woman, who “lived under tyranny for 24 years, I do not want to ever live under it again,” asks Colorado’s rulers, “If the Communist government took my gun rights away, why are you limiting my gun rights in Colorado? Are you becoming communists? … Please vote as if the constitution actually means something, because it does! Didn’t you swear that you would uphold the U.S Constitution and Colorado Constitution when you became a house representative? I urge you to vote yes on HB15-1009 Repeal Large Ammo Magazine Ban. Making our beautiful state free again.”

I will never understand the animus against immigrants. They can teach American serfs so very much.

Thanks to Bill Martin for the link.


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