Wednesday, February 11, 2015

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Food fat warnings: why you should add butter to your shopping list

As new research refutes the idea saturated fats are bad for you, what foods should you be adding to your shopping basket?

By Saffron Alexander

New research claims that official warnings against the consumption of saturated fats should never have been introduced

The article in BMJ's Open Heart journal argues that the advice was based on flawed data and "very limited evidence".

The warning, adopted by British authorities in the early 1980s, was based on research that focused only on unhealthy men, with the reports authors arguing: "it seems incomprehensible that dietary advice was introduced for 220 million Americans and 56 million UK citizens.

“Dietary advice does not merely need a review; it should not have been introduced.”

Men were advised they should consume no more than 30g of saturated fat per day, while women were told to consume no more than 20g.

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